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Kids Krav Maga

Children are a treasure and the future leaders, so finding a good role model is in itself a challenge. The I.K.M.F (International Krav Maga Federation) sets the bar high, very high in fact to ensure that qualified Kids instructors actually love children, connect with them and create an atmosphere where children learn respect, discipline, honour and patience.
The IKMF Kids Krav Maga syllabus is based on 60 years of accumulated knowledge, teaching more than 60,000 children worldwide. It has produced remarkable results and shining examples of children, whom parents are proud of.
There are 3 main age groups…
Kiddy Krav: ages 5-7,
Kids Krav: ages 7-10,
Junior Krav: ages 10-13
Some examples of what we cover include:
•    Bullying
•    “Stranger danger”
•    The road as a hazard,
•    Anger management
•    Grabs (wrist, hair and clothing),
•    Being alert and aware of surroundings, objects and persons
•    Dealing with falls and pushes
We aim to raise the child`s self-esteem, confidence and awareness to recognise a possible dangerous situations, whether it is by a person or in the environment. We will provide the relevant technical knowledge in a super fun filled playful atmosphere. We call it play learning which has been a great success story world-wide.