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  • Krav Maga Groin Guard (Female)


    Krav Maga Performance Groin Guard (Female)

    • Custom cast shaped for female anatomy
    • Sizes Small (Size 6-8), Medium (Size 10-12), Large (Size 12-14+)
    • High quality PU leather finish
    • Fast lacing system that adjusts to female sizes 8 – 16
    • Hardened foam to protect against strikes to the delicate groin area
    • Competition level webbing and elastic, to ensure a safe and secure fit
    • Wrap around technology to keep the guard in place while in active sparring and training
    • Easy to maintain and clean
    • High performance Krav Maga groin guard, cast specifically for Women

    A Krav Maga groin guard that truly excels on comfort and protection for the female fighter. Why risk the most delicate area of your body with a cheap guard where injury may result. Using premium PU leather, wrap around technology, dense shock absorbing padding and heavy duty stretch woven elastic. This is a professional grade item. Ideal for competitions, MMA fighting and reality based Krav Maga self-defence.

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