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  • Private Training Sessions – 121 Exclusive Krav Maga


    Accelerate your learning with private Krav Maga lessons

    Who is the training for?

    • Suitable for all ages 16+
    • No previous Krav Maga knowledge needed

    What will I learn?

    • Principles of Krav Maga
    • Situational Awareness
    • Soft versus Hard Techniques
    • Fitness, Stamina and Endurance
    • Agility and Flexibility
    • Weight loss
    • Fight or Flight Response
    • Krav Maga Syllabus

    What should I bring along?

    • Lots of energy and enthusiasm
    • Drink and snacks
    • Optional: Groin protection and gum shield if you have them


    • Single Session per Adult £50.00
    • Student to book and pay for venue in advance
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  • Krav Maga Wood Training Knife


    Krav Maga Wood Training Knife

    • Single piece solid wood block
    • Mid-weight and solid
    • Perfect for realistic training attacks
    • High Quality Finish

    Custom made wood training knife for self-defence training purposes. Safe for travel, class use and to keep in your kit bag!

    Train realistically and you will defend correctly in a real life encounter. Will not break like other knives, so sure to last a long time.


    • 100grams


    • 25cm knife length
    • 11cm blade (4″)
    • 11cm handle (4″)
    • 4cm blade width
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  • Kids Krav Maga Groin Guard



    Kids Protection Range

    • One Size. Ages 6-13
    • Suitable for Kids and Teens
    • Made to the same high standard as adult equipment
    • Perfect for kids competitions and reality based self-defence trainings for children and teenagers. Essential protection when learning striking and fighting principles.

      Children from all disciplines can use these guards whether Krav Maga, Systema, Karate, Kick-Boxing, Martial Arts or Self-Defence. These shin guards have been tried and tested, and receive excellent feedback from parents and children.

      An officially licensed Krav Maga product, specifically developed for kids.

      Designed in the UK & built to last. No need to buy again.

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  • Kids Krav Maga Baseball Cap


    • Premium Poly Cotton
    • Pre Shrunk
    • Embroidered Kids Krav Maga Logo
    • Uniform Black
    • Velcro head adjustment
    • One Size


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  • Krav Maga Training Axe



    • Single piece solid reinforced FOAM Axe Head
    • Lightweight solid wood handle
    • Safe striking points as made completely from foam
    • Perfect for realistic training short axe attacks
    • Krav Maga Logo on shaft
    • High Quality Finish!

    Exclusive wood/foam training axe for self-defence training purposes. Safe for travel, class use and to keep in your kit bag!

    Train realistically and you will defend realistically in a real life encounter. Will not break.


    • 250grams


    • 30cm Handle length
    • 15cm axe head
    • 3cm Axe head thickness


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  • Krav Maga Elite Rubber Knife

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  • Krav Maga Self-defence Silver Tactical Keyring

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  • Krav Maga Rubber Training Knife

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  • Womens Self-Defence Seminar – Saturday 16th June 2018


    Self-Defence seminar for Women by the highest ranked Krav Maga Female Instructor in UK (IKMF).

    Nikoletta is one of the best Female IKMF senior instructors in the UK, with over 13 years of experience

    Who is the seminar for?

    • Teens, Women and Ladies of all backgrounds, skills and experience
    • No previous knowledge is needed
    • Girls & Women ONLY. No men allowed on site

    What will I learn?

    • Focusing on attacks that women may face in the real world
    • Self-defence techniques that will provide you empowerment and self-confidence
    • Learn to avoid dangerous situations and confrontations
    • How to deal with violent and non-violent solutions
    • How to deal with aggressive threats
    • Situational awareness
    • Realistic games and scenarios to keep you calm in the storm

    What should I bring along?

    • Lots of energy and enthusiasm
    • Drink and snacks
    • Gym clothing and trainers
    • Optional: Groin protection and gum shield if you have them


    • £25.00
    • Limited places available, so book early


    • Saturday 16th June 2018
    • Time: 10am – 12pm


    Cavesham Primary School
    Hemdean Road
    RG4 7RA

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  • Krav Maga Shock Shorts with Protective Cup  


    Krav Maga Mens Shock Compression Shorts with Integrated Protective Cup.  

    Tough & Comfortable Internal Groin Guard

    Sizing: SMALL 30-32″, MEDIUM 32-34″, LARGE 34″-36″

        • Excellent hidden protection for the groin area
        • 220gsms double weave material
        • Moisture wicking four-way stretch fabric with odour eliminating material
        • Internal cup pocket secures the protective cup during active sparring and groundwork
        • Wide waistband for a secure comfort fit
        • Overlock seams on all stress areas
        • Ballistic ABS Plastic Cup
        • Heavy Embroidered Krav Maga logo on waistband, with Thermo-Moulded logo on thigh

    An exclusive Krav Maga Store UK product

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  • Krav Maga Pro Arm Guards


    Krav Maga Professional Forearm Guards 

    • Premium PU leather
    • Double density foam for extra forearm protection.
    • Wrap around technology. Once in place these will remain glued to your arms
    • Competition grade neoprene fastening with industrial velcro closure
    • Stiffened shock absorbing memory foam padding in all impact areas
    • Heavy duty professional grade item
    • Extremely hard wearing and durable
    • Suitable for Men & Women
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  • Kids Krav Maga Gum Shield (Mouth Guard)


    Kids Krav Maga Gum Shield & Case (Mouth Guard)

    • Gum Shield integrated with bite-in Gel-Fit Moulding
    • Kids Red/White Color
    • Perfect protection for strikes to the jaw and teeth
    • Fully customisable mouth guard. See moulding instructions below.
    • Comes complete with case and instructions
    • Kids one size fits all
    • GelShock Technology


    How to custom mould your Kids Krav Maga Gum Shield?

    1. Fill a suitable container with boiling water and allow to cool for 30 seconds
    2. Place the gum shield in the water for approximately 40 seconds
    3. The gum shield should feel soft and pliable. If not replace the gum shield in the water for a further 10 seconds. Note: if the water has cooled then the gum shield will not be soft enough to mould, so start again with freshly boiled water.
    4. Before moulding allow the gum shield to cool a little. Carefully place gum shield around your upper teeth, bite down firmly while sucking in strongly, and use your fingers to press the edges of the gum shield into your teeth and gums. Continue this process for 30 seconds.
    5. Remove the gum shield and cool it by running cold water over it for 1 minute. The gum shield must be cold and hardened, before replacing it back in your mouth.
    6. Insert the gum shield into the mouth and test it for fit and retention. The gum shield should not fall out of its own accord, and should feel comfortable. if this is not the case then the above steps can be repeated.
    7. If after repeating the moulding process discomfort is being experienced, do not use. For enquiries please contact us
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